Klober roofing airtightness accessories for £4m school

For its design of the £4.3 million Sandford St Martin’s 2FE Primary School and Community Worship Space near Wareham, Michael Lyons Architecture specified Klober Wallint® 50 and Wallint® solar air barriers in conjunction with Pasto sealant and over 400 rolls of airtightness tapes. This not only guaranteed that ceilings were sealed against the passage of water vapour but that laps and nail penetrations in underlays are airtight. Wallint® solar is a reflective air barrier and vapour control layer with an exceptional vapour resistance of over 500 MNs/g, far surpassing the requirements of BS9250. Architect Tim Scrace of ML Architecture commented, “Having worked with Klober on a previous school design in which airtightness was a requirement, I knew that their products would provide an appropriate solution for the level of airtightness we sought to achieve. Good technical support was always available and as our practice takes great pride in its ‘sustainable approach’ this was particularly important”.

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