Dry fixing – the easier and more effective way to fix ridge, hip and verge

With so many problems being caused by poor and inconsistent mortar quality on roofs planned changes in regulations will  bring about a major shift towards use of dry fixing..

The introduction of BS5534 which gives guidance on best practice relating to the installation of a roof has caused a real upsurge in the use of dry ridge, hip and verge accessories, so much so that the BSI will soon be publishing a new British Standard  to cover them. So, how will this affect the contractor? To answer that we need to go back to why the Standard has been so badly needed. The main reason is the number of manufacturers that have come into the market and consequent dramatic variations in performance. Suppliers of lower quality products have been quick to capitalise on the tendency to treat them all as broadly the same. Indeed, a recent survey undertaken by Klober revealed that 74% of merchants thought that this was the case! The new Standard is expected to come into force in mid 2017 and will place much needed performance requirements on these products for the first time. It will give contractor confidence in tested products, allowing them to protect their reputation and liability for the work they do.

Klober dry fixing accessories have been designed for universal use and ease of installation to make life easier for the roofer. As you will see in our coverage on quality below, products are subjected to extremely rigorous testing before and during manufacture.

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