Klober’s Ridge and Hip Kit is the number one performing product according to roofers

We invited 10 roofers to come and install our Roll-Fix® Kit along with 5 other leading branded kits and Klober came out as the top performing product.

Firstly, we asked the roofers to prioritise a number of attributes, which were important to them when installing a dry ridge and hip system. The ease to install the roll over the ridge batten was rated as the most important factor, followed by how strong the protection foil was and how well the roll formed to the tiles.



Other factors ranked included, how well the roll stuck to dry and wet tiles, ventilation and long term durability.

In 9 out of 10 tests, the Klober Roll-Fix® Kit overwhelmingly was ranked the highest, whilst overall came out as the best performing kit.

More information on the Klober Roll-Fix® Kit can be found here.


We’ve summarised some of the highlights below:

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