CPD Seminars

Klober is pleased to offer a number of technical seminars on leading products and applications within the Building Industry. Our CPD's are certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service,

We are happy to arrange seminars at convenient times, including lunchtimes and early evenings, with free refreshments provided. Everyone who attends the seminar will also receive CPD certification.

Seminar 1: Elimination of Condensation in Roofs (in reference to BS5250)

This seminar focuses on the importance of preventing harmful condensation forming in a roof space and explains how breathable underlays can help prevent this happening. Building regulation requirements, issues facing new-build and refurbishment as well as the environment are also covered.

Seminar 2: Control of Air Leakage in Roofs (incorporating Part L and BS9250)

If not addressed, air loss through the roof can constitute up to 50% of the heat loss through the building envelope.
This seminar mainly concerns new housing, but airtightness principles also are relevant to housing refurbishment and non-domestic buildings of traditional domestic-style construction.
We also cover part L UK regulations and meeting airtightness requirements in roof construction focusing on the use of roofing ventilation and accessories.

To arrange a CPD seminar please contact us at:

Email: technical@klober.co.uk 

Tel: +44 (0)330 6780088

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