Our Products

As part of Braas Monier Group, Klober is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of roof ventilation products and accessories. The company’s strategy is always to design and manufacture products for universal use so that specifying, ordering, stocking and installing is made easy. Our extensive range is unrivalled and includes:

  • Roofing underlays, wall membranes, air barriers and vapour control layers
  • Dry fixing products for ridge, hip, eaves and valley
  • Lead-free flashings 
  • Lead-free flashing outlet
  • Airtightness tapes, sealants and sealing collars
  • Tile, slate and flat roof vents
  • Solar installation accessories
  • Roof safety products
  • Soil and mechanical vent adaptors and flexipipes
  • Dry Fix roofing accessories

Klober is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers and partners in order to respond to changing design and installation requirements develop new products and improve existing ones.

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