The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations place a duty of care on designers to select building components that minimise health and safety risks, not only during construction, but also during future maintenance. The use of Dry-Fix roofing eliminates the need to repair failed mortar bedding, therefore avoiding future maintenance work and improving safety on site.

Klober Dry-Fix ventilation products enjoy many unique features. Most important of these is universal design – making life easier for specifiers, installers and stockists – leading to greater efficiency and flexibility all round. The Uni-Dry Ventilating Ridge, for instance, works with the majority of concrete interlocking tiles as well as natural and fibre cement slates and plain tiles. It can be used with most concrete half round and universal angle ridge tiles; machine made clay half round ridge and plain angle.

We also offer options for ventilating at the eaves as well as protecting against the entry of birds, vermin and debris with our Eaves Filler Combs & Closures; Valley Troughs; Rafter trays, Underlay Support Trays and Soffit Vents to provide you with a complete dry-fix ventilation solution.

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