With modern roofing materials and weatherproofing membranes of bitumen and plastic, flat roofs can be built to last. However to ensure this reliability, the fitting accessories play an important part. Roofs must be ventilated depending on their construction, water must be removed and necessary penetrations through the functional layers such as antenna cables, and photovoltaic systems or solar thermal pipes must be integrated in a waterproof way.

Klober have a comprehensive range of high quality flat roof vents and outlets for cold and warm roofs, and are suitable for bituminous, PVC and single-ply roof systems and are quick and easy to install.

Our products are highly resilient and are not affected by prolonged UV exposure. Materials will not fade, crack or deform and joints withstand extremes of heat and cold. Rainwater outlets are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit surface area requirements and for installation on warm or cold roof decks.

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