Klober‘s SOLAR-LINE offers a complete solution for the watertight installation of the roof-integrated solar systems. The focus of SOLAR-LINE is on the safe installation of solar systems as well as on the routing of solar cables through the functional layers of the roof covering. Our range of products includes the Easy-Form solar connection apron for the connection of the module to the roof covering, or the sheathing membrane/underlay Permo® extreme with a high thermal stability of up to 100°C.

For air and windtight sealing, Klober offers several sealing collars that are compatible with the Permo® underlays and the Wallint® vapour barriers and ensure air and windtight connections of solar pipes and cables. With their self-adhesive lower side, they are a simple and quick connection solution. For the watertight and airtight connection of cables, we recommend a smaller sealing collar or the flexible tapes, such as e.g. Permo® TR.

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