Contract Dry Verge

Contact Dry Verge is an all-weather, quick and easy fixing, requiring no special tools, compatible with any ridge system, wet or dry.

Dry Verge Unit Left Hand
Brown   |  KR9785-0247
Slate Grey  |  KR9785-0429

Dry Verge Unit Right Hand
Brown  |  KR9790-0247
Slate Grey  |  KR9790-0429              

397mm long x 139mm wide x 59mm deep

10 units per pack – 5 packs per carton

Weight (per pack)

Suitable for:
Refurbishment or new build on roofs from 12.5° to 90°
Makes and profiles of concrete interlocking tiles between 260-350mm batten gauge

  • Dry Verge unit Polypropylene
  • Eaves Closure Polypropylene
  • Ridge Closure Polypropylene
  • Ridge End Cap Polypropylene
  • Batten End Clip Stainless steel
  • Complies fully with all relevant British Standards

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