Dry Valley Closures

Neat and clean professional finishing and flashing of dry fix valley
troughs at the head and foot of GRP valley troughs.


Product Codes
KR9660-1-0070  |  70mm  |  Single Dry Valley Closure
KR9660-2-0070  |  70mm  |  Double Dry Valley Closure
KR9661-1-0110  |  110mm  |  Single Dry Valley Closure
KR9661-2-0110  |  110mm  |  Double Dry Valley Closure

Polyurethane 65

Double closure provides a purpose made flashing for the junction of GRP valley troughs above dormer roofs with pitch differential to the main roof of up to 10 degrees. The eaves closure can be used at the eaves to fully close the gap beneath the peak of the valley trough. For dormers with pitch differential of over 10 degrees eaves closures
can be used upslope, 1 to each valley trough.

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