Easy-Form® Solar Sealing Collar

The Easy-Form® Solar Sealing Collar re-establishes the weathertightness of the roof covering, which is impaired by the removal of the interlocking joints of the roof tiles for installation of solar hooks. If a roof tile cracks because of high applied load, water can penetrate into the roof structure. Easy-Form® Solar Sealing Collar also helps in this case to protect the roof structure from the ingress of water and snow and to prevent damage caused by water until the next scheduled maintenance


KW 0030 black (-0450), anthracite (-0469)
KW 0045 red (-0154), black (-0450), anthracite (-0469),
brown (-0248)

  • Protection against rain and fine snow at head interlocking joint
  • Can be used with numerous standard solar hooks
  • Can be universally used with all types of roofings
  • Self-fixing to dry surfaces with adhesive butyl strip
  • Easily mouldable to fit with any profile
  • Environmentally friendly, lead-free
  • Aluminum with full-surface butylon coating and
  • reinforcement layer with Elastic EPDM-collar seal
  • Can be used for roof pitches of 10° & over
  • Compatible with almost all concrete and clay tiles as well as roofing slate

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