Eaves Closer

The Eaves Closer is a simple and effective way of preventing birds and vermin from entering the counter batten cavity. A simple to install one section eaves perimeter detail for counter battened roof systems


  • KP3325-0450  |  30mm x 30mm x 2.5m  |  5.8kg p/car
  • KP3326-0450  |  30mm x 50mm x 2.5m  |  8.2kg p/car
  • KP3327-0450  |  30mm x 70mm x 2.5m  |  10.5kg p/car
  • KP3328-0450  | 30mm x 90mm x 2.5m  |  13.0kg p/car                                                

20 x 2.5 metre lengths per carton, Black only

All types of roof tile and slates

  • Satisfies NHBC requirements 
  • Complies with BS5250:2000

The Eaves Closers are only required when counterbattens are located above the roofing underlay. They are fixed using corrosion resistant nails directly into the bottom edge of the counter batten at the eaves or into a continuous edge batten along the complete perimeter length of the eaves

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