High Flow Tile Vents

High Flow Stonewold Mark II Vent, High Flow Bold Roll Vent, High Flow Delta Vent, High Flow Regent Vent, High Flow Wessex Vent

High Flow Vents are a range of high-flow quality ventilating tiles to suit most popular interlocking roof tiles. They can be used for roof space ventilation at high or low level, or for soil ventilation or mechanical extraction when used with adaptor


  • High Flow Vent for Stonewold Mark II Profile - KG6083

              Brown - 0200, Grey - 0400

  • High Flow Vent for Wessex Profile - KG6092

             Brown - 0200

  • High Flow Vent for Regent Profile - KG6084

             Brown - 0200

  • High Flow Vent for Bold Roll Profile - KG6085

             Brown - 0200

  • High Flow Vent for Delta Profile - KG4096

             Brown - 0200

(High Flow Delta is only for ventilation, adaptor cannot be attached for mechanical extraction)

  • Provide high levels of ventilation
  • Vant caps designed to reflect the base tile profile
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects
  • Suitable for roof pitches 20º and over

High quality PVCu

  • Complies fully with Building Regulations and British Standards

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