Large Slate Vent

The Large Slate Vent is a large cpacity ventilating slate to suit  600mm x 300mm (24" x 12") and 500mm x 250mm (20" x 10") double lap slates, man-made or natural, for roofs with a pitch over 20°


Product Codes

  • Slate Vent Base - KG979400
  • Slate Grey Cap  -  KG979630    (20 Per Carton)
  • Adaptor and Flexipipe - KG979800  
  • Adaptor - KG968300
  • Flexipipe 100/100mm - KG979900
  • Adaptor  100/125mm - KG979000

Dimension and Weight (per carton)

600mm long x 380mm wide x 85mm deep (excluding adaptor/downpipe



10 pc per carton

Suitable for:

  • Slates that are 600mm x 300mm (24" x 12")
  • Slates that are 50mm x 250mm (20" x 10") 
  • Man-made or natural
  • Roofs with a pitch over 20°

Ridgid PVC

Slate grey in colour with a matt finish 

  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards
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