Loft Vent Tray

The Loft Vent Tray is easily installed from inside the loft to allow air into the roof space by preventing insulation material from blocking the ventilation path.  Perfect solution when upgrading of insulation is required

  • KP965000 Black only                                 
  • 10 trays per pack, 5 packs per carton (50 pcs in pack)                                          
  • Weight (per carton)  10kg
  • Easily installed from inside the loft
  • ƒƒAdjusts itself to pitch of roof
  • ƒƒNo need to disturb roof covering
  • ƒƒLightweight and durable     ƒ
  • New build or refurbishment
  • Satisfies NHBC requirements
  • ƒƒComplies with BS5250: 2000
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