Pasto Sealant

Pasto® is an easy-to-apply sealant, particularly suitable for creating airtight and windtight seals between underlays, vapour control layers/air barriers and rough surfaces.

Pasto®  |  310 ml  |  KU 0128

  • Use both internally & externally
  • Sealing holes in plasterboard ceilings where services pass through, VLCs/air barriers
  • Sealing underlays, VCL's/air barriers to rough surfaces e.g masonry, abutments and chimneys
  • Sealing around nails
  • Irregular & rough surfaces
  • Timber frame: rough sawn, planed/finished or stained
  • Absorbent materials; brick*, sandstone*, concrete* or gypsum fi breboard
  • Synthetic materials; paper, fleece or similar, PE*, PP* or hard PVC
  • Other surfaces; metal, glass, PUR-foam
  • Humidity of 15º or more
  • All pitches of roof

MS Polymer

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