Permo® air

Permo® air, a low resistance air-open underlay. It is the ideal solution where there is a high risk of condensation forming in the roofspace. Being both air open & vapour permeable further minimises the risk of condensation forming, particularly during the drying out period of a building. Available in 2 widths 1.5m x 50 and 1m x 50m

  • KU0045-1  |  50m x 1.00m (50m2)  |  8kg / 20 rolls/pallet
  • KU0045-15  |  50m x 1,50m (75m2)  |  12kg / 20 rolls/pallet
  • BBA, IAB and CE approved for cold and warm roofs                          
  • NHBC Approved for no additional high ventilation
  • No additonal ventilation required
  • Hydrophobically treated
  • ƒƒType LR underlay
  • ƒƒStrong 3 layer material
  • ƒƒRecyclable
  • ƒƒUV stable for 4 months
  • ƒƒBatten spacing 350mm


Permo® air is a strong 3 layer product consisting of UV
stabilised PP fleece and a high performance Meltblown layer

  • BBA Cold  BBA Warm
  • DOP

ƒƒCounterbattens only required on fully supported applications                          

UK Wind Zone Guide

  • Zones 1-3 at maximum overlap batten gauge
  • All Zones - with Permo® TR plus tape