Permo® extreme RS SK2

Permo® extreme RS SK² is a tear-resistant underlay. It has double, self-adhesive strips which provide a permanent seal of overlaps and immediate weatherproofing protection against wind, rain and snow.
Klober accessories are essential when being laid as key primary barrier. These are especially coordinated with the layer and included in the warranty

KU0171-11  |  50 x 1.5m (75m2)   |  18kg

  • Double self-adhesive strips permit permanent wind and waterproof sealing of overlaps (shear resistance > 300 N tested)
  • ƒƒHigh-temperature stability at peaks up to 100°C and highly UV-resistant
  • ƒƒFleece with capillary stop controls the formation of condensation water. Robust PES fleece ensures improved mechanical load capacity, thus facilitating the use on sheathing.

Glueable two-layered underlay with monolithic TPU coating on extremely tear-resistant PES fleece

  • DOP
  • Minimum roof pitch of 12.5° for profile tiles or 15° for flat tiles
  • ƒƒMeets the requirements as a roof support system with improved raintightness according to ÖNORM
  • Can be deemed as a primary barrier as long as covered by UV protected layer eg tiles, slates, etc,                                                        
  • Klober recommends that the membrane is laid on a 12mm plyboard/OSB then counter-battened. Butylon tape should be laid underneath where the counter battens are due to be fixed, to seal around any nail penetrations.
  • In accordance with BS5534 the minimum head lap of any membrane needs to be 100mm when laid on a supported roof down to 15°, the 2 adhesive strips will meet, therefore no need for any other adhesives. Below 15° the head lap would need to be 150mm, therefore, a butylon tape would be required to seal the overlaps.
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