Permo® forte & SK²

Permo® forte is an extremely strong 4-layer vapour permeable underlay with a built-in safety grid. It is suitable for all pitched roofs.Allows the roof structure to breathe, weathertight.                                        

Permo® forte SK2 has a double integral tape - creating a strong and durable airtight seal to reduce energy loss. This avoids the use of a separate tape, making installation faster.


Permo® forte
KU0044-07-1  |  50 x 1.5m (75m2)  |  10.9kg
KU0044-07-05-1  |  50 x 1.1m ( 55m2)  |  8.0kg

Permo® forte SK2
KU0044-07-11-1  |  50 x 1.5m (75m2)  |  11.5kg

  • BBA,IAB and CE approved for cold and warm roofs
  • Limits air leakage in a sealed roof application
  • Type LR underlay
  • UV stable for 4 months 
  • Double hydrophobically treated
  • Superior nail tear strength

Strong laminated sheet material, with outer layers of
polypropylene, an inner layer of microporus polyethylene film and re-inforcement mesh

  • BBA cold
  • BBA warm
  • DOP
  • Suitable for cold and warm roofs
  • Counterbattens only required on fully supported applications                                   

UK Wind Zone Guide                                          

  • Permo forte zone 1-4 at maximum overlap batten gauge
  • Permo forte SK²  all zones

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