Permo Frame

Permo Frame is a single-layer, vapour permeable membrane for use on timber framed walls and behind vertical cladding.


KU0059-3-1-15-10    1.5x50           7.5kg

KU0059-3-1-27-10    2.7x100m      27kg

KU0059-3-1-30-10     3x100m        30kg

Suitable for

  • Timber framed walls
  • Steel-framed walls
  • Factory pre-assembled panels
  • On site assembled frames
  • Suspended timber ground floors to support the insulation


  • UV Stable  for 4 months 
  • Allows the wall structure to breathe
  • Resistant to the passage of water and wind-blown dust and snow


A Strong non woven spun bonded polypropylene sheet material.

It exceeds the requirements for a material as defined in BS4016: 1997


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