Permo® sec metal

Permo® sec metal is a vapour permeable waterproofing barrier that is installed as a separating layer between copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel standing seam roof finishes and the supporting deck

KU0020-04  |  25 x 1.5m (37,5m²)  |  14.5 kg / 4 rolls/pallet

  • Covers irregularities within roof deck that could de-form metal roof covering
  • ƒƒFully waterproof secondary barrier to moisture penetration
  • ƒƒFully vapour permeable
  • ƒƒAcoustic value of 8db helps reduce the transmission of external structure borne sounds eg rain hammer
  • ƒWill not bond with the underside of the outer covering in hot conditions
  • Allows movement between the outer covering and the structural deck                                                      
  • Offers protection against external moisture that may penetrate the outer roof covering
  • ƒƒProvides an air space below zinc coverings to allow protective oxidation to form              


Composite PP-spun fleece with coating

  • Prevents condensation that occurs on the underside of the metal roof covering from re-entering the roof structure. Any build-up of moisture between the outer metal roof covering and the Permo® sec metal will be channelled safely to the eaves due to the nature of the 8mm mesh outer layer                                    
  • Can be used as a temporary water proofing barrier. However,it is recommended that the outer covering is applied as quickly as possible  *Roof pitches over 3°
  • ƒƒCan be laid over rigid insulation or timber boarding
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