Permo® therm

The new complete rafter insulation, Permo® therm is characterised by
high performance insulation with vapour permeable SK2 membrane laminated onto the outer surface. This combination helps drying of the roof due to its ability to dispel water vapour.Pemo® therm with Thermo-Line sealing products, allows the whole roof area to be air-tight, windproof and free of thermal bridges.

Permo® therm 80mm KD 0080

Thermal conductivity EN 13166  |  60 - 120 mm: 0,021 (D); 0,020 (EU)
Water Vapour according to NBN EN 12086  |  μ = 35
Compressive strength at 10% deflection as EN 826  |  ≥ 120 kPa
Reaction to fire class according to NBN EN 13501-1  |  Class E
Water Column  | 
Walkability  |  pass
Breathable 3-layer non-woven sheet combination, ZVDH classification UDB -A, USB -A, can be used as temporary covering


Hard foam (RES ) with of three-layer non-woven permeable underlay

  • Excellent value λ, very low thermal conductivity(λ = 0.021 W / mK) with integrated weatherproof Permo® light SK² as under-roof screen
  • ƒƒStructure permeable to the diffusion of water vapour different layers promotes drying of the roof and this prevents the formation of mold
  • ƒƒThe special tongue and groove on all sides ensures a simple and economical installation, without thermal bridges
  • ƒƒEcological because completely free of CFCs and HCFCs
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