Permo® Universal Connection Roll

A vapour permeable, weatherproof connection at the ridge, hip, valley or at the chimney area of the roof. Part of the Thermo-Line product range, used in conjunction with Permo® therm.

Permo® Universal Connection Roll
KD 9050 | approx. 145g/m² | 0.3 width x 15m length

Permo® - Universal Connection Roll

Resistance to water penetration, NBN EN 1928  |  W1
Resistance to the penetration of air  |  < 0.1m³/m² h 50 Pa
Transmission of water vapor sd, NBN EN 12572  |  approx. 0.03m
longitudinal / transverse tensile strength EN 12311-1 NBN  |  275 N/5cm 230 N/5cm
Tear resistance to longitudinal / transverse nail, NBN EN 12310-1  |  170 N 185 N
Temperature resistance  |  -40ºC /+80ºC
Impermeability (Test the water column), NBN EN 20811  |  > 3500mm
UV stability  |  4 months



3 layers spunbond fleece with 2 integrated Butylon strips

  • Permeability promotes drying of the roof construction
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Butylon strips ensures strong adhesion
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