Pipe and Cable Sealing Collars

Klober’s Pipe and Cable Sealing Collars are the ideal solutions for creating airtight and windtight seals around pipes and cables which pass through the roof.


  • Pipe sealing collar: KU 8001
  • Sealing Collars: 8-12mm KE8092 42-55mm KE8090
  • 15-22mm KE8093 50-70mm KE8091
  • 25-32mm KE8094
  • For use both inside and outside
  • Easy to install                                      
  • Suitable for areas with adverse weather conditions. High quality EPDM collar is highly durable for use inside where heat builds up and outside in very cold conditions
  • UV stable
  • Pipe sealing collar: EPDM
  • Sealing collar: with silicon release paper & EPDM Collar
  • Roof pitches between 10 - 70°
  • Cable Sealing collar perfect for solution for cables from
  • Antennae, Neon signs, Satellite dish, Air-conditioning,
  • PV Solar panels, etc.
  • Sealing to any underlay/vapour control layer

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