Profile-Line® Double Roman Tile Vent

Klober's neat, cleverly designed in-line Profile-Line® Tile Vents include a range suitable for the most popular concrete interlocking roof tiles. Suits Marley, Redland, Russell and Sandtoft Double Roman profiled interlocking tiles.

Suitable for roofs with a pitch over 17.5°

  • Double Roman Vent  |  KG9857                        
  • Antique Red  |  0116
  • Brown  |  0247
  • Slate Grey  |  0429
  • Terracotta  |  0152                        

Dimension - 418mm long x 332mm wide   
Weight (per carton) 12.2kg
10 pcs per carton

  • Can be used at high or low levels and for soil ventilation or mechanical extraction when used with a Klober Flexipipe
  • ƒƒBuilt-in downpipe ensures ventilation path into roof space
  • Complies fully with the relevant Building Regulations and British Standards
  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards.
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