Soil/Mechanical Adaptors, Flexipipes

For use with our vent tile range Klober have designed lightweight, durable adaptors and flexipipes that suit soil ventilation and mechanical extraction for quick and simple connection to internal pipework. 


Adaptors and Flexipipes sold as one

  • Universal/Large Slate Vent - KG979800
  • 170mm long x 120mm wide x 90mm deep - 105mm internal diameter
  • 10K Slate Vent/Profile-Line Vents - KG979200
  • 76mm long x 86mm wide x 120mm deep - 105mm internal diameter 
  • Uni Plain Tile Vent - KG992800
  • 273mm long x 44mm wide x 200mm deep - 105mm internal diameter  


Adaptor only 

  • 10K Slate Vent/Profile-Line Vent -  KG979100
  • Plain Tile Vent - KG990500
  • Clay Plain Tile Vent - KG8003
  • High Flow Vents (Bold Roll, Stonewold Mark II, Regent, Wessex) - KG8000


Flexible Pipes 

  • KG972400 - 100mm x 75mm 
  • KG979900 - 100mm x 100mm 
  • KE8047 - 100mm x 125mm


  • Rigid PVC
  • 10K Slate Vent Adaptor - Polypropylene



  • Galvanised spring steel wire helix encapsulated in double-ply PVC wall

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