Solar Panel Support

The increasing frequency of storms and heavy snowfall is putting greater pressure and strain on the Supports used for fixing solar panels. The hooks, which are commonly used, are often not able to cope with such loads. This can lead to serious roof damage and damp. Klober’s Solar Panel Support can absorb high forces (such as the ones caused by heavy wind loads) of up to 2500N without putting any strain on the roof tiles themselves. The Bracket’s design prevents humidity from entering the roof and the EPDM sleeve ensures that it is rainproof


  • Venduct® Solar Panel Support
  • KE 8170 Terracotta (-0150), Brown (-0247), Slate Grey (-0429)
  • Timber Support Kit KB 8185 (850mm)/KB 8105 (1050mm
  • Since there is no load on the roof tiles themselves, the Support protects the tiles against breakages and subsequent leaks
  • Its high load-bearing capacity means that strain is transmitted directly on tothe roof structure
  • Variable bracket position, independent of the rafters
  • EPDM sleeve provides watertight seal
  • No need to move or cut roof tiles
  • Universal Base Tile allows Solar Bracket to be used on many different types of tile profiles
  • An additional rafter support may be required if the rafters are narrower than 50mm
  • Solar Panel Support Kit: aluminium
  • U-profile: galvanised steel
  • Seal: EPDM sleeve and stainless steel clip
  • Base tile & insert: PVC
  • Timber Support Kit: waterproof bonded multiplex board
  • Screws: stainless or galvanised steel
  • Roof pitches 16° - 65°
  • Suitable for use with a large range of tile profiles
  • Adapters allow it to be used with many different PV rail systems

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