Solar Thermal Outlet

The Solar Outlet allows cables and water pipes for solar panels to pass through the roof without compromising the watertightness of roof coverings.

  • Available in two colours to match the roof
  • Kit contains base tile, adaptor & nozzle


Minimum roof pitches

Uni Tile Base 17.5°, Slate Base 20°


  • Watertight seal can be formed by cutting the nozzle to the appropriate size
  • Easy to install
  • The Sealing Collar creates an airtight seal around pipes which pass through the roof via the Solar Outlet.                                                
  • Universal Tile Base suits most concrete interlocking tiles
  • Slate Base also available
  • Nozzle can accommodate pipe/cables with diameters between 10mm and 70mm.
  • Sealing Collar: suitable for pipes with diameters 8-12mm,15-22mm, 25-32mm, 42-55mm & 50-70mm

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