Tacto® tape

Tacto® can be used to adher underlays & vapour control layers/air barriers to both smooth and irregular surfaces as well as sealing laps in the underlay/vcl.


Dimensions / Packaging
50m x 20mm wide / 10 rolls per carton / 750 rolls per pallet

Weight (per carton)

Product code
KU 0111

  • Sealing laps between underlays or vapour control layers/air barriers
  • Adhering underlays & VCLs/air barriers to both smooth and irregular surfaces, e.g plasterboard, roof lights and roof vents
  • Timber frame: planed/finished or stained
  • Absorbent materials; gypsum fibreboard
  • Synthetic materials; paper, fleece or similar, PE, PP or hard PVC
  • Other surfaces; metal, glass, PUR-foam/styrofoam
  • Use both internally and externally

Acrylic adhesive with PE release paper