Trapac® Safety Walkway

Klober‘s Trapac® Walkway allows work to be carried out more safely on the roof. Available in 4 colours to blend in with the roof, it suits concrete, clay, slate or fibre cement roof tiles.


42cm  -  KS9130
60cm  -  KS9131
84cm  -  KS9132
102cm  -  KS9133
120cm  -  KS9134
150cm  -  KS9135
204cm  -  KS9136
252cm  -  KS9137
300cm  -  KS9138                                      
Connector  -  KS9140
Support bracket clay/concrete  -  KS9120
Support bracket slate/flat/ fibre cement  -  KS9121
Fixings  -  KS9141

  • Allows work to be carried out on the roof more safely, giving access to large areas of the roof
  • 9 lengths available Lengths can easily be joined together using Connectors
  • Available in 4 colours to blend in with the roof
  • Universal for all roof types
  • Solid and safe
  • Adjustable for roof pitches
  • Support brackets are adjustable in height & length for use with different profiles

Galvanised steel DX52 D+AZ 150 NA-C, powder coated

Connectors & Support Brackets
Galvanised steel DX51D/S235 JRG2 to EN1461

Fixings for Walkway to Support Bracket
Galvanised steel

  • DOP
  • Suitable for:
  • Different tile profiles
  • Concrete, clay, slate & fibre cement
  • Different roof pitches using adjustable support brackets

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