Under Batten Dry Bonding Strip

The Under Batten Dry Bonding Strip is an excellent way of providing a watertight junction above the party wall between different roof finishes when re-roofing.


Product Codes 

Under Batten Dry Bonding Strip 70mm - KR966700

Under Batten Dry Bonding Strip 100mm - KR966750


3m long x 225mm x 1mm


Banded in packs of 10

Weight (per pack)

70mm - 19kg

100mm - 24kg

  • Provides a weathertight junction between differing roof finishes
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Safe and easy to cut
  • Mortar-free

UV Stabilised Glass Reinforced Polyester

  • Fire tested to comply with BS476: Part 3 SAB and Part 7 Class 3
  • BBA Certification in process
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