Uni Finial

Uni-Finals are designed to provide a quick and simple, neat, attractive and low-cost traditional finish to the roof line.

Tall Ball 325mm high (429mm including base)
Bases 104mm high, 235 wide

Product Codes / Colours

Tall Ball Finials
Slate Grey  |  KR996130
Terracotta  |  KR996134

Universal Angle Bases
Slate Grey  |  KR996230
Terracotta  |  KR996234

½ Round Bases
Slate Grey  |  KR996330
Terracotta  |  KR996334

5 pcs per carton (5 off)

Suitable for:

  • Concrete and clay ridge tiles
  • A dry ridge system
  • Universal angle or 1/2 round ridge tiles
  • Material

UV protected medium density polyethylene

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