Uni-Plain Tile Vent

Uni-Plain Tile Vent is a discreet ventilating tile suitable for clay and concrete plain tiles that provides 6,000 mm2 effective ventilation area. An iƒn-line design makes the vent virtually invisible in the roof line.

  • Antique Red  |  KG991803
  • Autumn  |  KG991823
  • Brown  |  KG991836
  • Brown Granulated  |  KG991802
  • Hedgerow Brown  |  KG991818
  • Red Granulated  |  KG991805
  • Rustic Red  |  KG991878
  • Slate Grey  |  KG991830
  • Terracotta  |  KG991834                                         

Dimension    300mm long x 330mm wide       
Weight (per carton)  8.5kg  10 pcs per carton

  • Most concrete and clay plain tiles at a roof pitchat or over 35°
  • ƒƒHigh or low level roof space ventilation


  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards.
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