Universal 20k Tile Vent

20k Tile Vent is a large capacity Universal Tile Vent that suits most concrete interlocking roof tiles that can be used to ventilate roof voids. Perfect solution for heat recovery systems with 150mm adaptor.

Brown          KG9854-20-0247

Slate Grey   KG9854-20-0429                                     

Terracotta    KG9854-20-0152

Dimension  455 mm long x 440 mm wide x 91 mm deep  
Weight (per carton) 19kg  10 pcs per carton

  • Most popular interlocking and plain tile roofs with a pitch over 17.5°
  • ƒRoof space ventilation
  • ƒƒHigh or low level roof ventilation
  • ƒƒPerfect solution for Heat Recovery Systems with 150mm adaptor

Soft and rigid UPVC

  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards.
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