Vented Eaves Protector

Klober’s Vented Eaves Protector is a faster and easier method of ventilating and protecting at the eaves. It consists of a practical 1000mm Over Fascia Vent with integrated Underlay Support Tray and Eaves Filler Comb. It’s also available without the comb


  • 10mm without comb - KP3005-0450
  • 10mm with comb KP3006*0450
  • Dimensions and Quatity (per carton)

1000mm x 220mm

Without comb: 40 pieces

With comb: 20 pieces

  • Split drip section allows easy fixing of gutter brackets
  • Watertight connection assembly
  • Prevents ponding behind th fasica board
  • UV stable
  • Prevents birds and vermin from entering batten space
  • Fill replacement boards and capping fascia boards of all sizes

Black injection moulded UV-stable polypropylene

  • Satisfies NHBC requirements
  • Complies with BS5250:2000

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