The UK Government estimates that the built environment is responsible for 43% of our carbon emissions. We recognise that more and more people want sustainable options where they buy, where they work and where they live.

At Klober we work hard to support this aim by developing products and solutions that help the construction industry to design, develop and construct buildings that protect the natural environment. We do this by using recycled raw materials in the manufacturing of our components, helping to reduce energy loss with our membranes and outlets, and focusing on the refurbishment of existing buildings to improve overall environmental performance.

Along with supporting new build housing with efficient and effective materials that have full technical detail and installation instructions. We work alongside installers to support any Environmental Impact Assessment that takes place at any point in the build. We recommend further reading on the website about the Government's Code for Sustainable Homes.

You can also find out more about the Elimination of Condensation in Roofs, from our latest CPD. Find out more about our training HERE.