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Alternatively find technical support below, including frequently asked questions about our products...

Guide to British Standards

Guide to British Standards

The updated BS 5534 ‘Code of Practice for slating and tiling’ has generally been accepted as the industry’s most important of the last 20 years.

Recommended Ventilation Requirements

Recommended Ventilation Requirements

The ventilation requirements detailed below are minimum requirements as set out in Building Regulations and BS 5250 for a ventilated roof space.

An Introduction to Dry Fix

An Introduction to Dry Fix

Dry Fix is a method of mechanically fixing Ridge and Hip and Verge. As well as additional components such as valley troughs and bonding strips.

Membrane Technical Questions


What is a roofing membrane? A roofing membrane, sometimes referred to as underlay, provides a secondary layer of protection against water penetration...

Tile Vents Technical Support

Pitched Tile Vents

When do I need to use a tile vent? Tile vents have two main uses - for soil or mechanical ventilation and for roof space ventilation. 

Eaves Ventilation Technical Support

Eaves Ventilation

What is the purpose of the Eaves comb? It is an effective way of preventing birds and vermin from entering the batten cavity at the eaves.

Ridge and Hip Technical Support

Ridge and Hip

What solutions are available for fixing Ridge and Hip? Our Roll-Fix Kit is a universal system for fixing and ventilating ridges and hips.

Dry Verge and Valleys Technical Support

Dry Verge and Valleys

What types of Dry Verge systems are there? At Klober we have Uni Click and Contract Dry Verge that are individual pieces that work with...

Lead Free Flashings Technical Support

Lead Free Flashings

Why should I use Lead Free Flashing? Lead-free flashing is quick and simple to install, either by hand or with a flashing roller. It is lightweight making it easier to handle...

Flat Roof Technical Support

Flat Roof

What is Flat Roof Ventilation? Flat roof ventilation allows for the circulation of air. The positioning of the ventilation depends on whether it is a cold or warm roof. 

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