Technical Support - Pitched Tile Vents

When do I need to use a tile vent?

Tile vents have two main uses:

1. For soil or mechanical ventilation

2. Roof space ventilation


How do I know how many tile vents to use when ventilating a roof space?

1. Firstly determine your roof type:

Warm roofs require 25mm continuous ventilation at low level and 5mm continuous ventilation at high level.

Cold roofs require 10mm continuous ventilation at low level and 5mm continuous  ventilation at high level.

2. Secondly determine the tile/slate vent to suit your roof finish.

Each one of our vents provide a calculation to the amount of ventilation they provide and an example of spacing (please refer to datasheets). 

EXAMPLE: A cold roof finished in Double Roman tiles - our Profile-line Double Roman vent gives a ventilation area of 10,000mm2 to convert to spacings simply remove the squared (remove a zero) your low level vents would need to be positioned at 1000mm centres (1m) = 10mm continuous ventilation and at high level we need 50% less (5mm) the spacing would be 2m apart.


Do you have a vent to suit all tiles and slates?

Our Profile line and Universal vents suit most concrete tiles, we also have a range of Plain tile, Traditional and Slate vents.

We also provide a colour matching service. You will need to supply us with a sample tile so that we can match the colour as best as possible. For more information call our Internal Sales Team 01332 813 050


Do I need any additional accessories?

When just ventilating a roof space tapes may come into use, Permo tape is used for jointing repairing and sealing and Easy Form tape is ideal for sealing around pipes and penetrations. 

For connecting to an extractor, an adaptor and flexi pipe will be needed (please check to see if the vent you require already has an adaptor fitted, this can be found on the datasheets).


How does a ventilation tile work?

Quite simply, the route of air is high than where it passes into the ventilation tile, naturally keeping water out of the system.

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