What is Wakaflex?

Wakaflex is an extremely flexible and robust flashing for pitched roofs and was developed over 25 years ago as the first alternative to traditional metal and lead applications. Over 60 million metres of Wakaflex have been installed worldwide, that is enough to wrap around the equator 1.5 times! Wakaflex is tried and tested and has proved that it keeps on performing for years to come, contributing significantly to the longevity of the entire roof.

Where can I use Wakaflex?

Where can I use Wakaflex?

  1. Chimneys 
  2. Roof to wall 
  3. Roof windows 
  4. Solar panels 
  5. Dormers 
  6. Pipes & outlet
  7. Valleys 
  8. Saddles 

TIP: You can also use Wakaflex as a tape for general roofing repairs

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Application Areas

Why Choose Wakaflex?

Why choose Wakaflex?

  • Tear-resistant and durable as it comprises of 4-layers with an integrated aluminium layer
  • Extremely versatile and ideal for complex areas due to its high stretchability of up to 50% in length and 15% in width
  • Provides an impenetrable watertight connection with its self-welding technology, which also means no specialist tools or training is require
  • Supports the overall longevity of the roof with its high UV-resistance, which means it continues to perform for decades
  • Easy to maintain as it has a smooth appearance, which means it's less likely to retain dirt particles

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New Wakaflex Brochure

New Wakaflex Brochure

To find out more about Wakaflex download our brand new brochure, which includes information on:
  • Why you should choose Wakaflex
  • How it compares to other flashing alternatives on the market
  • Where you can use Wakaflex
  • Product & technical information

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