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About Dry Fix

Dry Fix is a method of mechanically fixing Ridge and Hip and Verge. As well as additional components such as valley troughs and bonding strips, which traditionally have been fixed with mortar. The majority of roofs in the UK are now completed using Dry Fix components, including new builds, re-roofing and refurbishment projects.

Benefits of Dry Fix

  • Mechanically fixed - No specialist skills or tools are required.
  • Mortar free - Quick and easy to install in most weather conditions.
  • Maintenance free - No need to replace cracking mortar or cement fixings.
  • Lightweight - Klober’s Dry Fix range is safe and easy to handle.

Compatible roof coverings

As a flexible solution, Dry Fix can be used with most concrete, slate and clay pitched roof products.

Great for ventilation

BS 5250 (The Control of Condensation in Buildings) outlines the requirements and specification of ventilation in the roofspace to control the build-up of possible condensation. This often happens during the drying out process (after completion of the building) or during periods of wide temperature movement. Ventilated dry ridge products provide a continuous air gap (to BS 5250), allowing for air movement within the roofspace and avoiding pockets of still, moist air, which might cause condensation to build up.

Where to use

You can use Dry Fix components for the ridge, verge, hip, valley and bonding details.

British Standards Compliance

Dry Fix meets the requirement of BS 8612 for performance, BS 5534 for mechanical fixing (Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling) and BS 5250 for roofspace ventilation (The Control of Condensation in Buildings). It is an established method of fixing and has been used for many years in the construction industry.

Klober Dry Fix Products

Roll Fix Kits for Ridge and Hip

Klober offers a selection of universal Roll Fix Kits to suit any application, to dry fix and effectively help ventilate the ridge and hip. For added peace of mind, all kits comply with BS 8612 for performance, BS 5250 for ventilation and BS 5534 for mechanical fixing. The range includes kits suited for the ridge and hip and concrete and clay, such as the Roll Fix Universal Kit, Roll Fix Concrete Kit and Roll Fix Clay Half Round Ridge Kit.

Dry Verge

Klober’s Dry Verge systems provide a secure and neat finish when fixing interlocking verge tiles and slates.

The range includes Uni-Line Continuous Dry Verge for a discreet and flush finish, Uni Click Dry Verge available in a wide selection of colours and easy to install, and our entry level system, Contract Dry Verge.

Dry Valleys Troughs

A lightweight alternative to lead and zinc valleys, Klober’s range of GRP Valleys are available for both under batten and over batten situations. Bonding Strips provide a watertight junction above the party wall between different roof finishes and are particularly good for terraces and re-roofing projects. Klober offers a range of dry valleys and dry bonding strips suited for both tile and slate.

Additional Dry Fix products

Additional products include Dry Valley Closure Units, which provide an effective and watertight finishing to Klober Dry Valleys when used at either the head or foot of a dry valley. Plus Ridge End Caps, to provide a neat finish on dry verges at the ridge end. Lead Free Flashings are a great alternative to traditional lead products. Klober’s Wakaflex, which requires no special tools, can be used when forming a weatherproof junction at the top and bottom of valleys.

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