Technical Support - Dry Verge and Valleys

What is a Dry Verge?
It's a mortar free, quick and easy method of fixing verge tiles.

What types of Dry Verge systems are there?

At Klober we have Uni-Click and Contract Dry verge that are individual pieces (one per tile) that work with concrete interlocking verge tiles. Our other system is Continuous Dry verge, which comes in 5m lengths and different profiles to suit either tiles (T-Strip) or slates (S-Strip) or Scot Strip for slates on boarded roofs.

Do you provide a Dry Verge for Plain tiles?

You would need to use our continuous 5m verge, specifically the T Strip. 

Is there anything else I need when using a Dry Verge system?

With Uni-Click and Contract Dry verge you will require an Eaves Ridge Pack to start and complete the Dry verge system and a Ridge end cap to finish where the right and left hand verges meet at the ridge line.

With the continuous Dry verge (T/S-strip) connectors are available if the verge is longer than 5m, they also work as a sprocket if a change in pitch is required. Again you would require a Ridge End Cap.

What are the advantages of using a Klober valley?

Klober valleys are preformed GRP, that's robust, durable and lightweight, therefore quicker and easier to install.

Why use a Dry valley instead of a Tile valley trough?

Again quicker and easier to install, the Dry valley eliminates the need to use sand and cement.

I’m looking to re-roof a terrace property with a flat tile, but both neighbouring properties roofs are finished with profile tiles, do Klober have a solution?

Yes, Dry bonding strip, which has upstand to form a break between the different heights in roof finishes.

Klober valley’s come in 3m lengths, but the valley I’m installing is longer, can I still use them?

Yes, Valleys can be overlapped if needed, for example Dry valleys on a pitched roof of 40 to 60 degrees should overlap 150mm, pitches of 22.5 to 39.5 degrees should overlap 200mm and from 17.5 to 22 degrees they should overlap 250mm.

How do you weather the junction where two dry valleys meet?

We have a preformed valley closure to suit the height of the Dry valley upstand. Alternatively it can be formed by using Wakaflex (Klober’s self welding lead alternative).