Technical Support - Eaves Ventilation

What is the purpose of the Eaves comb?

Installing Eaves Comb is an effective way of preventing birds and vermin from entering the batten cavity at the eaves. Mainly used for interlocking tiles with a profile shape. Install this over the Underlay support tray and membrane.

What is the purpose of the Vented eaves protector?

It is a fast and easy way to ventilate and protect at the eaves . It Can come with or without and Eaves Comb, 

Where should I use Loft vent trays?

These should be used to keep back insulation from the membrane to allow free flowing air from eaves into the roof space. They can be installed from inside the roof and should be used when upgrading insulation.

What types of Fascia Vents do Klober supply?

We provide two different types, one 10mm (10,000mm2) for cold roof ventilation at eaves and another 25mm (25,000mm2) for warm roof ventilation at eaves. Both are designed to be installed continuously over fascias.

UPVC fascia may require a batten to be installed behind to allow fixing.

What is your 3-in-1-Eaves vent pack?

It’s a combination of the most common products used at the eaves for ventilation including: Over fascia vent, Underlay support tray and Rafter roll. The pack is available in a 6m pack. Please see further detail on 3-in-1-Eaves Vent Kit.

I have a counter battened roof, how do I block the gap at the eaves?

Our Eaves closure would be suitable for this, designed to be installed to the ends of the counterbatten, this will keep out large insects and vermin. Available in 2.5m lengths, 30mm, 50mm, 70mm and 90mm widths to suit your needs.   

What is Rafter Roll?

Rafter Roll creates a pathway for airflow between Membrane and the roof insulation from the Over fascia vent on top of the rafters into the roof construction at the eaves.

It comes in 6m lengths and is castellated to ensure a pathway for airflow.. It's important to use a width greater than the height of the insulation, widths available are 300mm, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm.