Technical Support - Ridge and Hip

What solutions are available for fixing Ridge and Hip?

Roll Fix kit is our universal system for fixing and ventilating ridges and hips.

How does Roll-Fix work?

Roll Fix a 295mm x 5m roll which covers the ridge or hip line with a self adhesive backing to stick down to the roof finish, the roll is made up of a centre fleece which is vapour permeable allowing for ventilation.

Within the kit there are Unions, screws, plates and washers to fix each tile. We also provide batten straps for increasing the height of the ridge to provide a solid fixing. All kits come with a step by step guide to installation.

Does your Roll-fix work on the hip?

Yes, as long as you are using a slate or flat tile, otherwise you will need our Roll-fix hip kit that contains hip support trays and Cro-clips which provide an extra fixing for cut tiles on the hip.

Do you provide a Roll-Fix kit for clay tiles?

Yes, clay tiles are smaller in length than concrete tiles, so we provide a conversion kit for both hip and ridge with extra unions, plates, screws and washers.

There is also an additional kit specially for half round clay ridges.

Are the items in the Roll-Fix kits sold separately?

Yes, Roll-Fix items are available separately.

Can I use your Roll Fix with Ornamental ridges?

Our ridge seals are flexible allowing them to be used, you may need to chase out a small section of the ridge tile to suit the clamping plate.

What are the colour of your clamping plates?

The clamping plates are black in Roll Fix Kits and silver/metallic in the Economy Ridge Kits.