Technical Support - Lead Free Flashing

Why should I use Lead Free Flashing?

Lead-free flashing is quick and simple to install, either by hand or with a flashing roller. It is lightweight making it easier to handle, a key consideration when installing larger width sizes as it minimises wastage and time cutting to size. It is malleable and therefore easy to shape and form by hand. Can be purchased in lead grey and anthracite, it has an attractive and durable surface finish. The material does not oxidise, stain or rust.

Other key points are that they are non-toxic and have no scrap value.

Klober is known for its brands Wakaflex and EasyForm.

What is the difference between Wakaflex and EasyForm?

Wakaflex has a unique composition which allows it to self weld, EasyForm is a lighter product which also comes in a tape form for sealing around membrane penetrations .

Where can I use Lead Free Flashing?

It is very versatile. As well as being used in many lead applications one of its most common uses would be abutment flashings.

Wakaflex has also become an industry favorite as a top saddle detail when using GRP Dry valleys

Can it be used in all weather conditions?

A key consideration when installing flashing that is butyl backed is to ensure the surface is dry and free of any loose debris and dust prior to fitting.

If needing to install to a damp surface please use a bead of glue Klober Flashing Glue where the butylon meets the roof finish. Klober Flashing Glue can also be used as a flashing sealant with Wakaflex and Easy-Form is inserted into chase.

Is there any additional products in the Lead free flashing range?

Yes, the Wakaflex Uni-outlet provides a method of sealing around where pipes penetrate through the roof.

Its unique EPDM collar can fit common pipe sizes from 25mm up to 125mm.