Sepa Solar

Product Code: KU0092

An air barrier and vapour control layer for use on the warm side of the insulation. Designed with a reflective surface for enhanced thermal performance, reducing heat loss through the roof.

  • Prevents large amounts of water vapour entering the construction from the inside
  • Silver reflective surface increases thermal resistanc and therefore reduces heat loss
  • With 500 MNsg vapour resistance it exceeds BS9250 requirements
  • 173 g
    Klober Sepa Solar Roll
    Klober Sepa Solar Vapour Barrier

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    Sepa Solar air barrier and vapour control layer for use on the warm side of the insulation. Designed with a reflective surface to reduce heat loss through the roof, It features exceptional vapour resistance that exceeds BS 9250 requirements (Code of Practice for the design of the airtightness of ceilings in pitched roofs). Whilst it can be used with other Klober airtightness products to minimise energy loss and provides an R-Value of 0.5m2 K/W in the winter when used with a 20mm service void. The air barrier and vapour control layer prevents large volumes of water vapour from entering a construction from the interior, particularly during the drying-out period, whilst providing additional support for insulation boards or quilts.


    Technical Data
    Fire Rating
    Dimensions and Weights
    Number of Pieces per Carton/Pack
    Number of Carton/Pack on Pallet
    Number of Pieces per Pallet
    Weight per Piece
    13.5 kg
    Weight per Pallet
    270 kg


    • Before Sepa Solar is installed, check the moisture content of the timbers is less than 20%. Fix on the warm side of the installation and rafters with the printed smoother surface facing inwards
    • At either edge of the structure, leave a 150mm overlap to allow Wallint 50 to be sealed to adjoining walls
    • Roll-out with a horizontal headlap of 150mm. Fix to rafters/ceiling joists using non-corrosive fixings eg staples. Ensurelaps are sealed using a tape such as Permo TR
    • Where pipes pass through use a Klober Pipe Sealing Collar and tape edges to Wallint 50 to achieve an airtight seal
    • Sepa Solar should cover the entire internal timber frame area of the rooms in the roof and, where applicable, link with vapourcontrol layer in the wall below to form a continuous air barrier

    Area of application

    • The inner face of an insulated roof, wall or ceiling, including timber frame
    • Suitable for cold and warm roofs

    Standards and Certifications

    10 Year Guarantee

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