The Klober Training Zone | Supporting Future Roofers

It’s incredibly important for us to support our future roofers. We also offer the Klober Training to colleges and training providers to support their students with additional learning resources.

Date: 2022-12-16

Author: Klober

Category: Case Studies

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The Klober Training Zone has recently launched, receiving positive feedback from users for its content, knowledge-offering and ease of use. In Addition to supporting our merchant customers, the Klober Training Zone has also created some buzz around the educational community, as a means of supporting student roofers to learn more about key roofing components and theories of roofing.

Why did Klober develop the Klober Training Zone?

Launched in December 2022, the Klober Training Zone has been a passion project for Klober for over a year, involving numerous technical experts, and a lot of time and care to produce a user-friendly learning platform to offer Klober partners.

In last year’s customer insights survey, Klober revealed that over 1/3 of all merchants interviewed told us that receiving training from manufacturers such as Klober was important to them. However, when asked which manufacturer currently provides the best training, the response was…none. Which meant we had a clear mission to offer training and support to our customers.

What courses and modules are available on the Klober Training Zone?

On the training platform, you will find a variety of courses and modules, with ranging difficulties from beginner to moderate. Including

  • An Introduction to Klober
  • What makes up a roof?
  • Why ventilate?

Explore key component categories in more detail with:

  • Eaves ventilation and tile vents
  • Membranes
  • Ridge and Hip
  • Verge and valleys
  • Lead Flashing Alternatives

Followed by step by step guides on how to install some of our most popular products:

How to Install…

  • A profile line tile vent
  • A Uni Click Dry Verge system
  • A Roll Fix Dry Ridge System
  • A Continuous Dry Verge system
  • A roofing membrane
    …and more

What has been the feedback so far?

So far, our Area Sales Managers have been offering the Klober Training Zone as a means of additional training for our merchant customers, which forms part of the complete Klober package. The platform has been well received for its ease of use, flexible program to fit around daily working life, and its direct learning outcomes.

How is the Klober Training Zone supporting student roofers?

It’s incredibly important for us to support our future roofers. We also offer the Klober Training to colleges and training providers to support their students with additional learning resources.

Recently, we’ve been working with students at Edinburgh College roofing course, to set them up on the platform and start learning alongside their college curriculum. Paul Manderson, Curriculum Leader (Roofing) at Edinburgh College has been leading the initiative to provide the Klober Training Zone to his students and says:

“The platform allows the apprentices to watch step by step guides on the correct fitting of Klober systems & components and learn the theory behind why the components are fitted in this way. With the added benefit of the quiz at the end of each module, we can ensure the apprentice fully understands the system before we use it in the workshop environment.”

Working alongside hands-on practical learning, the platform is supporting students by offering fundamental roofing knowledge, such as ‘What makes up a roof?’ to ‘Why it’s important to ventilate your roof?’ to more complex explorations into different types of membranes, their uses and how they can support compliance with British Standards.

When asked why it’s important for manufacturers to provide product training, Paul responded:

“With the vast array of products within the roofing industry, I think it is easy for inexperienced workers to become overwhelmed when trying to select products for the different roofing works they are carrying out. The Klober training platform allows the apprentices to see the full product range that Klober supplies and they can be confident they have knowledge and Training Zone resources to correctly utilize the systems.”

We’re incredibly proud to be working with Edinburgh College, and will continue to support them by offering the Training Zone to their apprentices as a Klober partner.

To find out more about the Klober Training Zone, please contact your Area Sales Manager, alternatively, you can request access today at