Five minutes with Ben Edge, Divisional Sales Manager (South UK)

What does a typical day as a Divisional Sales Manager at Klober look like? We catch up with team member Ben Edge to find out more...

Date: 2022-02-07

Author: Klober

Category: Customer Communications

Tags: Meet the Team

Five minutes with Ben Edge, Klober's Divisional Sales Manager (South)

What does your role involve?

As a Divisional Sales Manager, I manage and support our external Area Sales Managers and Internal Account Manager for the Southern division. I work with others across the business to carry on Klober’s legacy of raising the roofing standard and focus on building strong relationships with our customers.

Another part of the job involves identifying new sales opportunities to help Klober maintain its competitive edge in the market and remain an efficient roofing component provider.

How long have you worked in the industry for?

I’ve had a personal interest in the industry for over six years, with experience in the property development market as a private investor. This is my first full-time role in construction, and due to my enthusiasm for the role, I feel I’ve hit the ground running.

How long have you worked at Klober for?

Having worked at Klober for just over six months now, I’ve already had some quick wins. These include building relationships with key merchant contacts, hitting sales targets and implementing new internal processes to ensure consistency and efficiency across the teams. I’ve also gained a solid understanding of the industry, which helps me to best serve our market.

What does a typical day as Divisional Sales Manager for the South look like?

One day I’ll be working remotely and catching up with the team virtually, then the next I’m visiting key customers and analyzing our metrics to ensure we’re on target. It’s this variety from day to day which I love about working at Klober.

If you could teach your younger self one thing, what would it be and why?

Always be proactive when it comes to development and training. To achieve this, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help if needed. Spend more time with the people who succeed in the areas you want to develop in too.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Klober?

It would have to be the approachable atmosphere Klober offers to employees – I've found this invaluable. This is what has enabled me to put my advice to my younger self into practice. I also love the ‘small business’ feel at Klober – it’s great to have the gravitas of the wider BMI Group, but I also feel part of a family in Klober. The business offers a genuinely supportive environment. Someone is always there to help if you need it, and this means I can ask questions in the way I’d advise my younger self to do. Going into the office, where everyone knows each other, also adds a personal feel to work and makes me feel like a valued team member.

What do you consider to be the best Klober product and why?

My favourite product is Permo Air, which is Klober’s most breathable and best-selling roof membrane. It minimises the risk of condensation without the need for additional high-level ventilation. This makes it cost and time effective for our customers to use, which has helped build its strong reputation.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

A key interest of mine is home renovation. I recently finished a large project on the home that I bought last year. It’s filled a lot of my time in the evenings and weekends, and I hope to do something similar to this in 2022. Alongside this, keeping fit and staying healthy is important to me. I work out at the gym most evenings and I enjoy cycling when the weather is nice.