The Klober Training Zone: Now Live!

Introducing the Klober Training Zone, our new online learning platform, exclusively for Klober partners. Our Training Zone offers courses, modules and resources to support you and your teams...

Date: 2022-11-28

Author: Klober

Category: Digital

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Learning and development is an important part of any business. At Klober, we like to support our customers to be able to confidently and knowledgeably sell our products and offer support to your customers when asked at the trade counter. In fact in our recent customer survey, 1/3 of all merchants interviewed told us that receiving training from manufacturers such as Klober was important to them.

Introducing the Klober Training Zone, our new online learning platform, exclusively for Klober partners. Our Training Zone offers courses, modules and resources to support you and your teams to learn more about Klober products and key roofing topics.


What courses and modules can I expect to find on the Klober Training Zone?

Start your learning journey by finding our more about Klober, and how we’ve become the UKs leading roofing ventilation supplier with modules:

  • An Introduction to Klober
  • Filecamp: Klober’s Digital Asset Library

Then jump into learning key roofing topics, and and explore the importance of a healthy roof with topics such as:

  • What makes up a roof?
  • Why ventilate?

Before learning more about Klober’s product categories with a deeper dive into: 

  • Eaves ventilation and tile vents
  • Membranes
  • Ridge and Hip
  • Verge and valleys
  • Lead Flashing Alternatives

Want to learn more about the installation process of key roofing components? Why not take our ‘How to Install’ course, where you’ll find modules on:

How to Install…

  • A profile line tile vent
  • A Uni Click Dry Verge system
  • A Roll Fix Dry Ridge System
  • A Continuous Dry Verge system
  • A roofing membrane
    …and more

At the end of every video learning module, you’ll be asked a series of questions to put your knowledge to the test. Complete the questions to pass the course and receive a certificate to print and store in your company training logs.

The Klober Training Zone offers hours of learning on a variety of roofing and product topics, and also includes a number of useful resources for you to read and download, such as our Tile Vent Compatibility Chart, which details which Klober Tile Vents are compatible with the most common roof tiles on the market.

What can my team and I gain from using the Klober Training Zone?

Training around you and your business

As much as you will agree that training is important, in the real world it can be challenging to keep up with. What do my team need to learn? Who will provide the training? When will we find the time? Do we have the budget?

That’s why we’ve developed a platform that has bitesize modules to fit around your day-to-day work. Every module focuses on key learning objectives for you to understand and take away, and have been developed in collaboration with roofing experts who understand exactly what information will give you the biggest benefit at the tradecounter. 

Improve your confidence to sell more products

Understanding products, how they’re used and their purpose is important to authentic selling. In our training zone we support you to learning more about:

Products and their uses

  • Key theories of roofing, and why ventilation is so important
  • The most relevant applicable British Standards
  • The installation process of key roofing components
  • The most common questions our technical team get asked

The Klober Training Zone is designed to give you the most important information you will need at the tradecounter, allowing you to talk with confidence about our products and support your customers’ needs.

Track and share your learning journey

The ‘My Dashboard’ area of the Klober Training Zone tracks all of your progress and certificates. Export your activity log at the touch of a button to share, print and file in your training records.

To find out more about the Klober Training Zone, speak to you Area Sales Manager, or request access today.