Market Insights Drive Klober’s Latest Range Extensions

Based on recent customer insights and home improvement trends, Klober has revealed a number of range extensions to offer its customers and installers.

Date: 2021-06-22

Author: Klober

Category: Case Studies

Tags: Klober, Products, Market, Insights

Based on recent customer insights and home improvement trends, Klober has revealed a number of range extensions to offer its distributors and contractors more choice, with more developments to follow later this year.

At the beginning of 2021, Klober rolled out its first annual customer insights programme to help better understand market drivers and challenges following 2020. While availability and pricing remain high on the agenda, more contractors said they are driven by having a wide range of roofing products on offer.

With this in mind, distributors and contractors can now benefit from the new range extensions which include Klober’s new GRP Secret Gutter, a 6m Dry Ridge Kit, and a 3-in-1 Eaves Ventilation Pack.

Due to loft conversions ranking second in the top 20 value-adding home improvements according to Rated People, and with the race for space being a number one home improvement trend for 2021, Klober anticipates an increase in demand for suitable roofing products. Klober’s new GRP Secret Gutter joins the existing PVC version, and is well-suited for dormer conversions due to its ability to provide a secondary line of defence against wind driven rain at wall abutments. It is a high performance continuous abutment soaker typically used with flat interlocking tiles.

Also, as temperature fluctuations and weather conditions continue to compromise traditional sand and cement mortar methods to fix ridge and hip tiles, sales of dry ridge systems continue to soar. As such, Klober has extended its portfolio with the addition of its 6m Dry Ridge Kit, well-suited to clay and concrete applications, which comes in black and is perforated for ventilation. This is an entry level product to sit alongside Klober’s premium roll fix brand.

Finally, in response to demand for more solutions that are quick and easy to install, Klober has expanded its eaves ventilation offering by offering more sizes of its 3-in-1 Eaves Vent Pack. According to Klober’s technical team, for eaves ventilation to be effective, the fascia vent, felt support tray, and roll out rafter tray must work together. This new option offers an economic solution by providing all the necessary components required in one pack.

Pauline Manley, Marketing Director at Klober, said:

“Customer insights are really important to us and every year we make sure we’re investing in the solutions that are going to make their lives easier. It’s especially important to us that we are offering our customers choice to suit their exact specifications. All three of these latest range extensions answer a specific customer challenge or industry trend. And it doesn’t end there as we have more to come later in the year so watch this space!”

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