Permo Light to be Renamed Ultra 145

We’re making way for a name change to a popular membrane in our range, Permo Light - which will now be renamed to Ultra 145.

Date: 2023-03-06

Author: Klober

Category: Product Focus

Tags: Permo Light, Ultra 145

You may have already noticed that we’ve been rolling out new changes to our membranes packaging and branding, and now we’re making way for a name change to a popular membrane in our range, Permo Light - which will now be renamed to Ultra 145.

Permo Light is a popular product in the Klober Membrane Range for many, offering a breathable 145 gram solution with all round performance for most typical roofing requirements. However, we’ve come to realise that the word ‘light’ has been creating some confusion amongst our customers, as 145 gram is in fact a heavy grammage membrane in the UK market - so we’re renaming it Ultra 145 - which we think you’ll agree is a much better suited name. 

Looking back over the years, when we first launched Permo Light, it was innovative with its lighter weight, whilst still retaining a strong 3-layer composition and providing high levels of breathability and weather protection to the roof. However, as the UK membrane market has evolved, the Light membrane (now Ultra 145, remember) is now regarded as a superior everyday solution, in comparison to the wider landscape of competitor membranes on the scene. Ultra 145 is still the same product you know and trust, just a new name.

We also have come to realise that product weight, or grammage, is an important detail for our customers when choosing a membrane. So, not only will you see this alongside the name Ultra 145, this naming format will be standard for all our membranes in the range, making it quicker and easier to make a choice.Alongside the Ultra 145, we’ll also be introducing a brand new membrane to our range later this year, Ultra 120, which will form part of our Everyday Membranes Range, offers a quality, breathable roofing underlay solutions for day-to-day projects, at a lighter weight than the Ultra 145, at 120g/m2.

Both the Ultra 120 and 145 have a 3-layer composition. The central layer acts as the smart breathable technology that controls the management of moisture, whilst the bottom layer absorbs and filters moisture, passing it through the central breathable layer, allowing it to escape through the final top layer. Together they act as a weatherproof line of defence, a secondary barrier against the elements, preventing rainwater and wind from entering the roof space.

These changes within the Klober membranes range marks a precursor to lots of exciting changes you will expect to see this year from Klober, including the full reduction of packaging across our range, new branding and much more…

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